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Roger Jones Education Scholarship Opportunity

Applications are now being accepted through November 1, 2023 for the Roger Jones Education Fund Scholarship. Recipients can earn up to $10,000 in scholarships to help further their career within the concrete construction industry.

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Get the 411 on Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)

Portland-limestone cement, or PLC, is engineered with a higher limestone content than portland cement to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by about 10%. It performs just like the cement you’re used to using, resulting in the same concrete you’re used to having. The same specifications, the same mix design, now with a better carbon profile.

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Our industry is constantly evolving. With this promising growth comes routine changes to regulations and compliance standards. As a member of Ohio Concrete, you will be informed of all modifications to these standards and how your organization, specifically, can remain compliant. Ohio Concrete is your comprehensive industry advocate – fighting on your behalf when it comes to legislative matters and promoting the usage of concrete and concrete products in Ohio.

The Services We Offer Each Member:


Local promotion from a team dedicated to furthering the usage of concrete in your region


Member Directory

The Ohio Concrete membership directory is a free print and online marketing tool for members


Regulatory Consulting

Ohio Concrete has a team of consultants specializing in concrete construction regulatory issues to assist our members


Technical Support

Ohio Concrete members receive troubleshooting, training and project design assistance from a professional engineering staff


Discounted Certification Rates

Ohio Concrete members save up to 50% on a variety of accredited courses implementing the latest industry standards and requirements for certification


Legislative Support

Established in 1938 to combat unfair taxing of truck mixer drums, Ohio Concrete is dedicated to lobbying for reasonable legislation for the concrete industry


The Mission of Ohio Concrete

As a proactive advocate, it is our primary goal to provide the resources each member organization needs to handle the toughest issues facing our industry and thrive in the ever-changing environment. We will perform our services to the greatest level of satisfaction of our members. Ohio Concrete will protect and advance the collective, advantageous interests of the concrete industry. We will promote and encourage the adoption and use of the concrete industry’s newest standards and most advanced resources, products and tools.


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