Promotional Services

Local Promotion & Industry Networking

Our Promotion Team’s Mission Statement: Provide leadership by engaging the concrete community in promotion efforts that result in a stable, innovative, and sustainable industry to attract and retain the best people.

While success in the present may well be Ohio Concrete’s priority for its members, assurance of future business is a close second. Effective promotion requires a truly collaborative partnership with all industry stakeholders. Furthermore, it takes a coordinated effort on the local grassroots level. That’s why the focus of our promotion plan is on local promotion. Our promotion team is comprised of 4 different regional groups, covering Northwest, Northeast, Central/Southeast, and Southwest Ohio. Each region has a full-time promotional director dedicated to furthering the use of concrete in that area.


Marketing video from the Global Cement and Concrete Association that shows the positive impact concrete has on our world

In the past three years alone, Ohio Concrete’s promotion efforts have resulted in more than 1-million cubic yards of concrete for Ohio’s projects, including regular exterior, local streets, ODOT & OTC.

Northeast Promotion Director

Bob Krulik, 330/241-0434


Northwest Promotion Director

Wayne Moening, 419/796-0019


Central/Southeast Promotion Director

Lisa Weaver-Moon, 614/902-2955


Southwest Promotion Director
Ryan McAleer, 614/783-3255