Ohio Concrete Memberships

Want to join a network of accredited concrete producers, manufacturers, contractors and service providers? Aside from adding a multitude of professional connections to your network, we offer numerous services that you’ll be able to take advantage of. We offer five different types of memberships to cater to your individual qualifications and benefit your business.

Ohio Concrete Has Five Membership Categories:

  • Active – includes ready mixed concrete producers
  • Associate – includes cement manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, cementitious material providers, admixture companies, engineering firms, laboratories and other suppliers to the concrete industry
  • Contractor – includes those who utilize concrete to create an end product such as paving, flatwork, buildings, etc.
  • Paving Contractor/Road Builder – includes those that perform concrete paving, pavement restoration, and specialty contractors who build or repair pavements/roads
  • Concrete Futures – includes existing members who are between ages of 21-40