Engineering Services Center

Offering Engineering Design & Construction Support to the Concrete Industry

The Engineering Service Center was established by Ohio Concrete to serve the concrete industry and offer support to the engineering, design and construction community on concrete related issues. The center is staffed with Ohio licensed professional engineers who specialize in various aspects of the concrete industry, from bridge construction to materials engineering. Make the Ohio Concrete Engineering Services Center your first call when you need assistance with your projects.

The Engineering Services Center offers:

Design Services:

  • CAD parking lot designs, including thickness and jointing
  • Formwork design assistance
  • Slab on grade design
  • Footings, foundations, and walls

Materials Engineering:

  • Concrete mix design and mix adjustment
  • Technology updates on new admixtures and new mix designs
  • Guidance on applicable testing for concrete

Pavement Engineering:

  • Pavement assessments and condition surveys
  • Thickness design and joint spacing
  • Repair and maintenance techniques
  • Technological updates, such as whitetopping, ultrathin whitetopping, and pervious pavements

Concrete Construction:

  • Provide input for pre-construction conferences
  • Assistance with design change order requests
  • On site assistance with quality control/quality assurance
  • Structural (reinforced) concrete condition evaluation and repair recommendations including bridges, parking garages, buildings and pavements
  • Troubleshooting of construction and post-construction problems

General Concrete Engineering:

  • Specification review and updates
  • Work with local and national building codes and other standards to ensure proper concrete language in codes
  • Provide literature and other information to the construction industry to ensure proper concrete placements
  • Provide presentations and seminars to universities, architects, engineers and contractors on concrete fundamentals and advances in the concrete industry
  • Provide training and certification for concrete contractors and testing technicians
  • Provide testimony to public agencies on concrete related matters where necessary

For further information, contact the association office at 614/891-0210, Fax: 614/891-2675, email: esc@ohioconcrete.orgĀ 

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