OCCA Paving Contractors & Road Builders Description & Application

Ohio Concrete Construction Association (OCCA) Membership

Ohio Concrete Construction Association (OCCA) consist of those that pave: highways, airports, streets, roads, industrial and parking areas. Concrete pavement rehabilitation contractors that restore concrete pavements by: patching, stabilizing, diamond grinding, joint/crack resealing and retrofitting dowel bars and reinforcing. Specialty contractors that build or repair: cement stabilized bases, shoulders, barriers and bridges may also fall within the OCCA membership category.


Dues (called assessments) are based on a paving contractor’s work volume. It is a reflection the promotion effort that created the opportunity for the work, as well as the technical service that may be required on the project.

Membership Category: 

  • Paving Contractors $1,000 Annually
  • Rehab and Specialty Contractors $750/Annually

Assessable Work: (applies to both member categories)

  • Assessable Work Per Project  $2.50/$1,000

Assessable Work

The work that is assessable in Ohio, includes federal, state and local agency project bid items for the following types of work:

  • Highway Concrete Paving
  • Full and Partial-Depth Patching
  • Airport Concrete Paving
  • Diamond Grinding and Grooving
  • Street/Road Concrete Paving
  • Joint and Crack Sawing & Sealing
  • Roller-Compacted Concrete on Public Projects
  • Retrofitting Dowel Bars and Tie Bars
  • Miscellaneous concrete roadway items such as approach slabs and medians
  • Cement-Stabilized Bases and Subbases on concrete paving projects only (Does not include soil stabilization).


  • Members are responsible for self-reporting to Ohio Concrete (OC) all assessable work within 60-days of work being awarded/secured; then OC will invoice work accordingly.
  • 65% of all assessments are due within 60-days of when concrete pavement/repair work commences, with the balance to be paid within 60-days of when at least 90% of the contract work has been completed and the project can be used, occupied, or operated for its intended use.
  • A Contractor Assessment Worksheet is provided by Ohio Concrete for submitting assessable item data. You may provide similar information in any Excel Spreadsheet that is workable for your company.


Responsible Parties

  • OCCA members serving as the prime contractors are responsible for paying on assessable work that they self perform and are expected to assist in collecting payment on assessable work performed by out of state subcontractors that are members of a separate paving association. Subcontractors that are Contractor Members of Ohio Concrete will make direct payments to Ohio Concrete according to their dues category.
  • OCCA member subcontractors are responsible for paying on all assessable work that they do, regardless of whether the prime contractor is a member or not.

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