Ohio Concrete is an eligible provider for TechCred credentials through the following certification offerings:
  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I
  • ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician
  • ACI Concrete Aggregate Testing Technician – Level 1
  • ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician – Level 1
  • ACI Flatwork Associate, Finisher & Advanced Finisher

Ohio’s TechCred Program gives employers the chance to upskill current and future employees in today’s tech-infused economy. Employers who submit successful applications will be reimbursed up to $2,000 per credential when current or prospective employees complete eligible technology focused credentials. To learn more about the TechCred Program, visit the TechCred website at Credential List | TechCred (ohio.gov)

To view a list of Ohio Concrete’s upcoming TechCred-eligible certification offerings click the button link below. For further information e-mail info@ohioconcrete.org.