Ohio Concrete
is pleased to offer the annual Roger Jones Scholarship. Scholarships range from $1,000 per year to $10,000 per year towards education to further a career within the concrete industry.

What is concrete? Concrete is the most-used material in the world. It is made out of simple ingredients – cement, water, sand, gravel, and limestone. Concrete is used to build bridges, high-rise buildings, highways, dams, homes, and much more. Do you see yourself pursuing a career that builds and grows cities? Do you want a career where you’re around large equipment? A career in the concrete industry is an active career, often outdoors, surrounded by earth-moving equipment and large commercial vehicles. Projects range from sidewalks and driveways to parking garages, foundations, bridges, and warehouses. The concrete industry is diverse- it includes companies that manufacture concrete to contractors that finish concrete (such as a patio, driveway or more) to mining operations.

Notable concrete projects around the world and Ohio include:

  • The first concrete road was poured in 1891 in Bellefontaine, Ohio.
  • The tallest concrete structure, The Burj Khalifa, is 163 stories stories tall, making it the strongest concrete structure in the world. The world’s first reinforced concrete skyscraper, the Ingalls Building, was built in 1903 in Cincinnati.
  • Ohio has the second largest number of bridges in the country. The longest concrete bridge, at 102.4 miles long, is in Asia.

The concrete industry needs individuals who are interested in construction, manufacturing, mechanics, and business. Interested in a career in accounting or finance? Interested in logistics or operations? Interested in working on large commercial equipment? This scholarship may be a fit for you!

 Ohio Concrete is the resource of the Ohio concrete industry representing concrete producers, materials suppliers, testing/consulting agencies and contractors placing concrete across Ohio.


Scholarships ranging in value from $1,000 to $10,000 may be awarded on an annual basis to students in the Ohio concrete industry. Ohio Concrete reserves the right to adjust the number and value of its scholarships.


  • Applicant must be looking to start a career in the concrete industry or is working in the concrete industry and looking to improve through education and/or training.
    • Examples of careers within the industry include, but are not limited to, mechanic, construction management, chemistry, chemical/civil/industrial/manufacturing engineering, quality control technician, project manager, operations manager, and various business roles such as accounting, finance, human resources, customer service, and sales.
  • Applicant must be living, working, or attending school within the state of Ohio.


  • Applications may be downloaded from the Ohio Concrete website (www.ohioconcrete.org).
  • Completed applications must be received no later than November 15, 2023.
  • The scholarship recipient(s) are invited to attend the annual Ohio Concrete annual dinner meeting in Columbus in early December to be recognized for their award and network with 75+ companies across the state of Ohio within the concrete industry.


Applicants will be evaluated on:

  • Work experience & Education (including internships and/or research in concrete-related fields)
  • Involvement in professional or student organizations and/or other concrete-related activities

Roger Jones Scholarship Form

Please submit the completed application and requested documentation below no later than November 15, 2023. Alternatively, you may download a printable application to submit via email to: info@ohioconcrete.org or mail to: Ohio Concrete, 2600 Corporate Exchange Dr., Ste. 165, Columbus, OH 43231. Applications must be received or post-marked no later than November 15, 2023.

Please provide information on any concrete related work experience, if applicable. Include company/school name, dates employed/attended and job title/major in your description.
Please give a brief description of any additional concrete-related activities in which you have participated. Include the name of the organizations, positions held, duties and responsibilities and dates of involvement.
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