Ohio Concrete Project Awards 2017

It’s that time once again to submit projects in your region for the 2017 Ohio Concrete Project of the Year.  The awards program is designed to recognize and honor  designers who have made the investment to select concrete pavement for their project.  All Ohio Concrete members are encouraged to submit projects for consideration that exhibit the high value and benefits that concrete pavement offers its owners.

Click on the links below to download an Ohio Concrete Project of the Year Submittal Form for 2017 with complete submittal details or use the online submittal form below. Project Submittal forms and deadlines: 

Central/SE Ohio – September 15, 2017

Southwest, Ohio – September 15, 2017

Northeast, Ohio – October 16, 2017

Northwest, Ohio – October 16, 2017


Award Criteria

  1. Project should have the involvement of one of the Ohio Concrete Producer or Contractor members
  2. Primarily the award is for pavements and parking lots, however any exterior flatwork project may be considered
  3. All sections of the nomination form are completed
  4. Include a 5(h) x 7(w) color photo or electronic picture of the project (aerial photo preferred)
  5. Project completion in last two years (2016/2017)


Project submittals will be evaluated by Ohio Concrete Regional Board Members.  The award goes to the Project Designer and will be presented at the 2017 Fall Concrete Seminars in October/November. Winners will also be recognized at the Ohio Concrete Annual Meeting Banquet on December 7, 2017 at the Hilton Columbus/Easton.

Project Submittals

The nomination form represents the minimum requirements for submitting a project in the awards program.  Please include any additional information you feel the review panel would need to evaluate your project.  When completing the nomination submittal, please be specific with information and description.

Important Considerations

  • Submittal deadlines:  Central/SE Ohio and Southwest, Ohio – September 15, 2017 | Northeast and Northwest, Ohio – October 16, 2017
  • Project size
  • Quality installation
  • Owner/Engineer/User perception of completed project
  • Flip with alternate design or construction methods
  • Impact on concrete promotion effort/future projects
  • Sustainability attributes

Submittal Instructions

Each nomination should be submitted by completing an official entry form.  Submittals should include a 5(h) x 7(w) color print or electronic  picture(s) of the project (aerial photo preferred) and should be submitted to the Ohio Concrete office before the submittal deadline for your region.  For further information contact the Association office at 614/891-0210 or your local regional promotion director.