ODOT 2013 QC/QA Specifications

(used on projects referencing 2013 ODOT C&MS in the Contract Documents)

A significant modification to ODOT’s concrete specifications has been adopted in the 2013 Construction and Material Specifications (C&MS) book. Projects bid under the 2013 specification will be identified as either concrete with or without QC/QA (pre-determined by designer based on quantities) for new QC class designations. New supplemental standards as well as a new specification items have been added to reflect and adopt these revisions and are listed below. Note that small quantity, miscellaneous concrete will not require full QC requirements.

To download a summary of the said spec changes pertaining to the move by ODOT to the new QC class designations and QC/QA concrete testing requirements including hyperlinks for access to the 2013 C&MS item and supplement: CLICK HERE

Note: Any updates/changes occurring on items in the 2013 C&MS specifications book are identified in Supplement Specification 800 while updates to individual Supplements are modified separately with the new effective date which all supersede the existing specifications. These revisions were introduced and accepted under ODOT’s Concrete Pavement or Structures Committee which Ohio Concrete is each active in. PDFs of 2013 C&MS with SS800 Updates/Changes by Date

Provided for your use and reference is the website link to ODOT’s active changes page under the Division of Construction Management: GO TO LINK

ODOT has also posted helpful instructional guidelines and tools to aid in the submittal of a Job Mix Formula (JMF): GO TO LINK

Contact the Association office for any assistance needed with these updates or concrete mix submissions that you may have.

Item 451 – Reinforced PCC Paving

Item 452 – Non-Reinforced PCC Paving

Item 455 – QC Plan, Testing and Assurance for QC/QA Concrete (New)

Item 499 – Concrete General

Item 511 – Concrete for Structures

Supplement 1126 – Developing and Submitting a PCC Mix Design for Acceptance (New)

Supplement 1127 – Pay Factors Determination for Pavement and Structure Concrete (New)