Residential ICF - Galion, OH

Spencer Shipman is a Masonry Superintendent for
Adena Corp. When deciding what type of home to
build for his young family, safety, comfort, and
energy efficiency led him to select the Holdfast
Technologies Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system
by Nudura. After taking part in the Holdfast training
workshop, Spencer obtained basic building plans
from an on-line website and used specification
details that were available from Nudura. The home
is approximate 2300 SF plus an additional 1000 SF
in the basement and includes four bed rooms.

The Nudura/Holdfast bracing system allows for easy
adjustment to plumb up the walls during concrete
placement. The basement walls are 10’-6” tall and
first floor walls are 9’ to 11’ tall. A small crew placed
the concrete core fill with a pump in two pours, and
used about 150 CY of concrete in the two levels. The
Nudura ICF forms are 18 inches tall by 8 feet long and
are collapsible for ease in shipping and storage.
For this project, reinforcing steel rest on the plastic
cross ties at 18 inches horizontally and 24 inches
vertically within the 6 inch wide core. Additional bars
were placed over the window and door openings.
The owner will utilize a hot water radiant heating,
under floor deck system.

Owner / Contractor

Spencer Shipman

Design Details


R/M Supplier

Holdfast Technologies LLC


Summer 2015