Concrete Kits for Kids

“Concrete Kits for Kids,” is Lesson 14 of a “Construction Science Education Kit (CSEK), which is presented to each teacher who participates in the program.  The CSEK is a complete program, in which students learn about paper, clay, wood and concrete materials.

Since learning about the “Kits for Kids,” program in 1992, Ohio Concrete along with the Concrete Futures members have presented the program to approximately 1,600 students ranging in ages 3 to 13 years. The group sizes have varied from 10 to 120.

The Kits for Kids program is conducted by Ohio Concrete staff with support from the Concrete Futures’ Members in schools throughout the state of Ohio.  The program is intended to familiarize children with concrete.

During the program, which lasts about two hours, the children are told about concrete and the concrete industry in Ohio, and shown the video, “Concrete In Ohio’s History.” Then, with teacher supervision, and assistance by Ohio Concrete representatives, each child mixes two small batches of concrete having different ingredients from their own kits, and casts two small concrete boats.  The boats are put in a safe place in the classroom where they will be allowed to harden for about a week.  After which time, the children are given an opportunity to put both of their boats in a container of water to see if it sinks or floats and to discuss their observations.

To learn more about the Concrete Kits for Kids program view the complete lesson plan below, or contact the Ohio Concrete office at 614/891-0210.