The 2019 Ohio Concrete PAC auction will be held at the 82nd Annual Meeting Banquet on Thursday, December 12th. This year’s auction will include a silent auction during the hospitality reception followed by a live auction after dinner featuring exclusive items. All funds raised will go to support Ohio Concrete’s lobbying efforts on behalf of the concrete construction industry.

Help to make this year’s auctions a success, donate items today! Use your creativity in donating goods or services for the Ohio Concrete PAC Auction. Suggested popular items include: sporting event tickets, golf certificates, electronics, vacation packages, *monetary donations ($50+), and custom baskets. Items that are valued below $500 will be placed in the silent auction.

2019 PAC Contribution Form

  • Rules of the 2019 Ohio Concrete PAC Auction

    In-kind contribution - a contribution of goods or services valued at $50+. Contributor must assign the “fair market value” of $50+. All contributions must be coordinated with the Ohio Concrete office no later than Monday, November 18, 2019. Contributions must be approved by the Ohio Concrete-PAC Directors. *Monetary contribution - Monetary contributions will be accepted in any amount. Contributions will be pooled to purchase auction items. Contributions must be made by personal or PAC checks; Corporate/Business Checks Prohibited By Law. Make checks payable to Ohio Concrete-PAC Contribution Limits - Individual/Corporate PAC contributions, including in-kind and monetary, are limited to $13,292.35 annually.
  • If applicable, this only applies to corporate PAC donations, not individual donations.
  • Please describe in detail.